Sunflower Window Corners

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Let the sun shine in with this sunflower window corner! This corner piece will add a pop of color to any window area in your home!  Framed on two sides with heavy zinc came and hoops are added on both the side and top for easy displaying.  Can be hung from a cup hooks, curtain rod or removable 3M hangers (not included) May also be displayed without any hoops using industrial strength velcro tape which allows glass piece to fit up snugly against a window without drilling or nailing.  Pricing on this piece is based on size shown of apprx 12" h x 12"l x 9"w.  Please consider how you wish to display your piece as it will determine whether or not hoops are added.  


This is a made to order pair of window corners.  Please contact me should you wish some to be made.  Colors and sizes can be changed according to your desire.